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Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) is a blend of multiple martial arts disciplines with modern fitness philosophies that evolve together into a new and dynamic Physical Education curriculum and fitness activity.

For over a decade, State College Area School District, State College, PA, has been offering a martial arts curriculum to their 11th and 12th grade students.  The curriculum continued to receive great feedback and interest from students, parents, and faculty which allowed it to remain a staple in the physical education program for several years.

In the fall of 2011 the martial arts program began a revision period with the intention to expand and modernize the curriculum.  The revision was also inspired in order to make the program curriculum appropriate for students between the 4th and 12th grade.

The revisions have carefully been made and the new martial arts program at State College Senior High began in the fall of 2013.  The program has taken on the name “Martial Arts Fitness”.

Martial Arts Fitness creator and Professional MMA Coach, Bruce Lombard, and Physical Education teachers and MAF consultants, Danielle Kurzinger and Jess Cole, are now hoping to provide the opportunity for other physical educations departments and teachers to include this new and dynamic martial arts fitness curriculum in their school and classroom.

Martial Arts Fitness is also available to be incorporated in after school programs, home school environments, and private or public fitness facilities.

why choose us?

New and Non-Traditional!
Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) is a new and dynamic fitness program for physical education programs, teachers, and other participating instructors.  Martial Arts Fitness serves as an instructional resource that helps teachers or instructors incorporate this unique and modern curriculum into their own educational program.   MAF is a non-traditional curriculum activity that will provide teachers and students with a new, exciting, and inspiring challenge.
Physical and mental development
Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) primary objective is to support the development of a students mental and physical well-being.  The program utilizes the teaching of knowledge and movements through modern martial arts to help increase a student’s levels of:  cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, balance, mental confidence, and social confidence.
Life-long skill development
Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) is a program that helps students learn and develop a life-long skill.  Martial arts is not age or ability discriminate, it has proven to be beneficial mentally and physically for people of all ages and abilities.  Martial arts training is as popular in the United States as it has ever been.  There are many opportunities for students to continue their learning and education in the martial arts long after their grade school days are gone.

our mission

The mission of Martial Art Fitness is to provide a dynamic and non-traditional fitness activity to participating Physical Education teachers, programs and students ranging from grades 4-12. The program is a resource of instruction for Physical Education teachers to implement a fitness curriculum that introduces a unique life-long skill into their Physical Education program. Martial Arts Fitness aims to develop an individual’s endurance, strength, and confidence.

our team