As a school administrator who has worked at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, I am impressed by what this program provides to all students in physical education classes. It is suitable for both large and small group instruction. It provides teachers with all of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment strategies necessary to provide an engaging learning experience for students. This program provides students with a quality health and wellness experience in a safe environment. All students will gain endurance, strength, and confidence through participation in this program.

Scott Deshong, High School Principal

Martial Arts Fitness was an exciting way to widen our school’s fitness based physical education unit variety. Today’s students are looking to increase their cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength through new and innovative techniques. Martial Arts Fitness teaches students self-protective skills in a clear and well laid out curriculum culminating in aerobic based workouts. What a great method to motivate students to participate, increase their self-esteem and encourage their appreciation for exercise.

Linda Eggebeen, K-12 Coordinator for Health Education, Physcial Education, and Driver's Safety Education

Martial Arts Fitness is a curriculum that helps students increase their levels of fitness through a modern approach. This modern approach is fitness through the movements of martial arts. The program brings a new, exciting, and safe curriculum that all teachers and students can enjoy together. Martial Arts Fitness is a cutting edge physical education curriculum that can benefit students of all backgrounds and skill levels by increasing personal levels of endurance, strength, and mental confidence. The evolution of this curriculum was started with students in the State College Area High School physical education program, and now it is ready to branch out and help other students reach their fitness goals through their own school’s Martial Arts Fitness unit.

Bruce Lombard, Professional MMA Coach

This program is great and easy to implement into any school. Teachers new to this unit will be helped every step of the way with the lesson plans, instructional videos, and workout videos. Students can benefit in multiple ways from this program because it teaches discipline and gives room to grow. This program increases students’ confidence and teaches the skills acquired for use inside and outside of the classroom. During this unit, I found this Martial Arts curriculum easy to get the students engaged and interested from the start and it made everything a positive teaching experience.

Lauren , Penn State Student Teacher

I am currently taking the Martial Arts Fitness unit at State High. This is the best unit to learn discipline and stay in shape. I have learned many useful self defense techniques that have built my self esteem and confidence levels so that I am prepared as a strong individual as I leave High School and enter college. I enjoy the fitness components of the unit because it improves upon my endurance for dance, which is my current passion. This program brings a variety of student personalities together to learn as one for this important life skill. I believe that the program would benefit students in other school districts because it’s a universal life skill. It’s a fun and enjoyable learning experience that will provide a safe environment for all students.

Michaela , 12th grader

I enjoy the Martial Arts Fitness unit. There is something unique about our fitness program that a lot of other schools do not provide. This unit is unique because it gives those who want to get involved physically but don’t want to participate in a sport that involves a ball or a lot of running an opportunity to stay active and compete while still getting great exercise. Schools should offer martial arts fitness as a selection because it teaches self defense and discipline which is something most kids lack. I personally enjoy the fitness aspects of the program and I love working on blocking, punching, and my favorite kicking! In my opinion I believe every school should offer Martial Arts as a Phys. Ed course.

Chris , 12th grader