Upper St. Clair School District, Pittsburgh, PA Is Now Part Of MAF Team!!

Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) has arrived in Western Pennsylvania!

We are thankful to welcome Upper St. Clair School District, Pittsburgh, PA to the widely expanding number of school districts implementing the Martial Arts Fitness Physical Education curriculum into their schools.

MAF is excited for all the students in the USCSD to enjoy the opportunity to learn the benefits of fitness through martial arts in their Physical Education classes!

MAF Welcomes Wellsville Central School District, NY

Martial Arts Fitness has arrived at Wellsville Central School District!

Thanks to the persistence and non-traditional vision of Wellsville’s Physical Education teacher, Marc Agnello, teenagers in Wellsville, NY now have the opportunity to learn the benefits of fitness through martial arts in their Physical Education(PE) classes.

I am very appreciative and thankful of Marc and his enthusiasm for implementing this Physical Education curriculum within his PE program, which will provide a unique, dynamic, and life-skill activity to the sons and daughters of all my friends and others back in my hometown!!

Martial Arts Fitness Welcomes You!!

Martial Arts Fitness(MAF) is designed for physical education programs and their educators. The program is an instructional resource to provide teachers the necessary knowledge, teaching strategies, and confidence to incorporate this new and dynamic fitness curriculum within their own physical education classrooms.

How To Check Your Target Heart Rate

1.  How do I calculate your estimated maximum heart rate?

Subtract your age from 220.  Example:  Case of a 20 year old.

220 – 20 = 200…200 would be a 20 year old estimated maximum heart rate.

2.  What are the four heart rate training zones? (% is based on maximum heart rate)

Resting or normal – normal daily activities, sleep, shopping

Low Intensity – Warm up intensity, light aerobic intensity, walking exercise

Moderate Intensity – Fitness building and weight loss intensity, distance running

High Intensity – Out of comfort zone, high intensity aerobics

Maximum Intensity – Working as hard as you can, high intensity interval training

3.  How do I determine my heart rate training zone?

(Using example age and maximum heart rate above)

Maximum Intensity (90%-100%) – 200 x .90 = 180 heart beats per min

High Intensity (80%-90%) – 200 x .80 = 160 heart beats per min

Moderate Intensity (70%-80%) – 200 x .70 = 140 heart beats per min

Low Intensity (60%-70%) – 200 x .60 = 120 heart beats per min

Resting (50% or lower) – 120 – lower

4.  How do I check my heart rate or beats per minute?

Check your pulse at your wrist by placing two fingers on your wrist between your bone and tendon over your radial artery which is located on the thumb side of your wrist.

To save time check pulse in a 15 second span and then multiple heart beats by 4 to find heartbeats per minute.