$299 …..  Full Curriculum includes: Curriculum Packet, Instructional DVD and Fitness Workouts DVD, Activity Card Deck, Website Membership. 
 $125…..  Ninety minute(recommended) Workshop.
 $299 ……  Over 175 pages: Two unit lesson plans(20 lessons each unit), assessments, grading rubric, abdominal routines, stretching exercises, strength progression chart, achievement certificate, curriculum glossary, and much much more. 
 $299  …….   DVD One – Techniques, Combinations, Drills.  DVD Two –  Level 1-4 Fitness Workouts. 
 $99  ……  Fifty activity cards for classroom station work.  Divided into Four training specifics(upper body movements, lower body movements, drills, core training).  
 No Fee Under 100 miles round trip;  100-200 miles round trip – $75;  200-400 miles round trip – $0.50/per mile;  400+ miles round trip – $0.60/per mile 
 $299…. Two units, 40 lesson plans, All program instructional and fitness videos, curriculum glossary, curriculum abdominal/stretching exercises and workouts, members forum. 

Full Curriculum(non-school districts) – $1000