Instructional Videos and Curriculum Packet

Martial Arts Fitness provides each affiliate program two instructional DVD’s, activity card(50) deck, and a hard copy instructional packet.  These materials include detailed technique teaching points, curriculum strategies, and program guidance.

Instructional DVD:

  • Thirty-eight technique instruction (38)
  • Twenty technique combination instruction (20)
  • Twelve technique drills (12)
  • Five abdominal/stretching routines (5)
  • Four technique fitness workouts (4)

Instructional Packet:

  • Twenty unit lesson plans (without equipment)
  • Twenty unit lesson plans (with equipment)
  • Four abdominal routines
  • Abdominal progression chart
  • Push-up progression chart
  • Stretching routine
  • Mid-term assessment form (without equipment)
  • Mid-term assessment form (with equipment)
  • Final assessment form (without equipment)
  • Final assessment form (with equipment)
  • Grading rubric
  • Instructional video outline
  • Technique instructional photos
  • Program/technique glossary
  • Student achievement certificate
  • Testimonials

***Martial Arts Fitness Level Two available Fall ’15***