Martial Arts Fitness Workshop

This is a start up workshop for new Martial Arts Fitness Program schools, teachers, and members.  The workshop is presented by Martial Arts Fitness creator and professional martial arts instructor, Bruce Lombard.

The workshop is an interactive session to provide instruction, guidance, and feedback on how schools, teachers, and instructors can prepare for application of their own Martial Arts Fitness curriculum.  The workshop is recommended for at least three hours in duration.

Each Workshop will provide participants with five hours of team instruction and access to instructional DVD’s, Unit curriculum packet, and a personal membership to on-line teaching aids which include: instructional videos(stream), member forum, curriculum packet/lesson plans(PDF), and future level progression curriculums.

Workshop itinerary:

  • Introduction
  • Technique introduction
  • Technique key teaching points
  • Technique teaching strategies
  • Beginning drills
  • Intermediate/advance drills
  • Activities breakdown
  • Introduction/instruction for equipment training***
  • Curriculum progression
  • Curriculum strategies/scenarios
  • Abdominal routines
  • Stretching routines
  • Q & A

***Workshop will be adjusted if program is set of for ‘with equipment’.