Martial Arts Fitness offers members an array of services as part of their program membership. Members can participate in our on-line forum that provides insight and feedback from other MAF teachers and the MAF team; MAF creator and Professional MMA Coach, Bruce Lombard, presents a instructional workshops to all MAF program teachers; MAF members receive full access to our online teaching aids, curriculum packet(PDF), and the ability to stream all of our instructional and fitness videos; Each MAF member school or facility receives a hardcopy instructional DVD and program curriculum packet.
  • Member Forum
    All Martial Arts Fitness members will be welcomed to participate and be active in the “MAF Forum”.  The forum provides the opportunity for all teachers, instructors, and designated members to discuss any topic concerning the Martial Arts Fitness Program with Bruce, Danielle, Jess, or other teachers and members.  Topics of interest may include areas specific to your specific program’s development… Program feedback Curriculum progression Curriculum structure 
  • Martial Arts Fitness Workshop
    This is a start up workshop for new Martial Arts Fitness Program schools, teachers, and members.  The workshop is presented by Martial Arts Fitness creator and professional martial arts instructor, Bruce Lombard. The workshop is an interactive session to provide instruction, guidance, and feedback on how schools, teachers, and instructors can prepare for application of their own Martial Arts Fitness curriculum.  The workshop is recommended 
  • Teaching aid and Curriculum Website Services
    Martial Arts Fitness affiliates will have a Martial Arts Fitness website membership access account.  This membership will provide multiple services in addition to their introduction workshop and DVD/Curriculum packet. These services include: Curriculum Packet (PDF) All program instructional videos (streaming) Member forum Additional classroom activities Weekly teaching strategies ***Martial Arts Fitness Level Two available Fall ’15***    ...
  • Instructional Videos and Curriculum Packet
    Martial Arts Fitness provides each affiliate program two instructional DVD’s, activity card(50) deck, and a hard copy instructional packet.  These materials include detailed technique teaching points, curriculum strategies, and program guidance. Instructional DVD: Thirty-eight technique instruction (38) Twenty technique combination instruction (20) Twelve technique drills (12) Five abdominal/stretching routines (5) Four technique fitness workouts (4)   Instructional Packet: Twenty unit lesson plans (without equipment) Twenty unit lesson